Confidentiality / Data Protection

All our staff respect and observe the strictest rules of confidentiality.  All information held within the practice is confidential and covered by the Data Protection Act.  Your records, and the information contained therein, are kept in our lockable filing system and, increasingly so, stored securely on our computer systems.  People who have access to your records are members of the surgery staff.  Relevant information is shared with other health care professionals when the matter in hand (such as referring to a consultant) requires it.  Access to your records can also be obtained for insurance companies or legal firms, provided that you have given your written consent to the company for us to release the information required.  You have the right to see your health records as per the Data Protection Act.  Should you have any problems or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the practice managers.

Data Protection Act 1998.

The practice is an approved data controller. The practice will only use your personal data for the provision of healthcare and will not pass any information onto third parties without your expressed consent. However, disclosure of personal data will be allowed under special provisions within the Criminal Justice Act to prevent or highlight criminal activity to appropriate authorities.

To obtain a copy of your health record, please apply in writing to the practice marked for the attention of Practice Manager.

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