For Women

Breast Awareness

We would encourage all women to be “Breast Aware” and know the shape and feel of their own breasts.  Routine taught examination is not necessary.  We would urge any woman who feels there is a change in her breast/breasts to see the doctor.

Breast Screening / Mammograms

All women over the age of 50 will be eligible for a mammogram every three years to screen for breast cancer.  You will receive your first appointment before your 53rd birthday.

Cervical Smears

It is recommended that sexually active women between the ages of 25 and 65 have a smear test every 3-5 years.  The Health Authority will send you a reminder when your test is due.

Planning to Conceive

If you are considering having a baby and have had no problems with previous pregnancies you should take 400micrograms of Folic Acid daily before trying to conceive and continue this until your 12th week of pregnancy.


The symptoms of the menopause can be distressing and disrupting.  Please make an appointment to talk to one of the Doctors if you would like to discuss the options available for alleviating these symptoms.


All women of child bearing age should be immunised against Rubella (German Measles), this lessens the possibility of this infection affecting your pregnancy and the health of the developing baby.

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